Acting on the Urge to Go Outside

I’m extrapolating here, but I feel like every so often, we all get an incessant urge to be outside. Whether it’s because the temperature is perfect or because we appreciate the sound of rain, sometimes the outside calls us. And often, we stay inside. There are a few reasons this could be. We may feelContinue reading “Acting on the Urge to Go Outside”

My Salutatorian Speech About Anxiety (Video + Transcript)

For the speech I’d give for my school, I wanted to convey a history of my anxiety and a unifying final message. Transcript I was, still am, and will forever be a scared little kid. My earliest memories are of being nervous. In first grade I wrote over my pencil marks several times to achieveContinue reading “My Salutatorian Speech About Anxiety (Video + Transcript)”

How Anxiety Ruins Reading

For some reason, it seems to me that many people who identify with issues regarding anxiety are the same people that love reading. There may be a correlation there—but as we become disillusioned with life, I think we naturally grow to read less. That’s not to mention that anxiety can take many different forms, allContinue reading “How Anxiety Ruins Reading”

Ground Yourself Immediately with this Trick

To me, grounding qualifies as anything that makes your brain shut up for a moment, so you can get back on track with whatever you were doing. That being said, there is one thing that I find more grounding than anything else. This thing will shut your brain up and make you and your lifeContinue reading “Ground Yourself Immediately with this Trick”

The Most Important Trait to Have

When it comes not only to improving your mental health, but changing your entire life for the better, one positive trait will get you further than almost any other. It’s not resilience, it’s not optimism, and it’s not spirituality. It’s bravery. That’s it. This is obviously just my opinion, but I’m going to try myContinue reading “The Most Important Trait to Have”